The 5 segments of home automation

Some people can't see the need for home automation. Yes, we have compassion for our blind friends... Here is a list of uses or strategies where and how you can use Smart Home tech and I've even broken them down into 5 segments.

  1. Security and Prevent property damage

  2. Ambiance

  3. Energy monitor and efficiency

  4. Home Audio/AV Control

  5. Swag

Security and Prevent property damage

  • Video IP camera Monitoring

  • Motion detection

  • Noise detection

  • Temp sensors

  • Flood sensors in sump, bathrooms and upstairs sinks

  • Smart locks

  • Smart doorbells (Video)

  • Garage door control

  • GPS tracking of high value items (purse, keys, cars, people, pets)

  • Turn on lights and recorded sounds to deter intruders

  • Call police/fire

  • Whole home surge protector

  • Alarms or signals to alert you

  • Remotely reset furnace

  • Report if heat stops working

  • fire/smoke/CO detectors

  • Battery backup main systems (sub panel) internet, refrigerator, sump pump, strategic lights and areas of home.

  • Water meters

  • deter and intimidate intruders

  • Pool alarms to save kids from drowning

  • Open/close storm windows to prevent rain damage


  • Lighting control - scheduled, triggered scenes

  • Shades for privacy and to allow heat & light to enter and block the cold. Also save floors and furniture from UV rays.

  • RGB dimmers to give the mood.

  • Fireplace control

  • Temp control

  • Music

  • Scenes

Energy monitor and efficiency

  • Thermostat control

  • Smart meters

  • Irrigation control

  • Motion lights for stairs, closets and certain rooms

  • Solar panels

  • Auto detect when no one is home and turn off or lower usage

  • Rain barrels

  • Grey water recycle

Home Audio/AV Control

  • Whole home audio

  • Home theater


  • voice command

  • Swipe (hand gestures)

  • Button

  • Smart machines

  • Shades

  • Dance floors with lasers and light show

  • Dimmable granite

  • Motorized TV


  • Motorized screens/porch screens

  • Motorized skylights

  • Automated Christmas lights

  • Hidden safes

  • scenes

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